Below, we’ve listed some guidelines to follow when you are shortlisting candidates:

  • Draw up a detailed job description. Highlight all financial and non-financial benefits
  • To define the attributes you’re seeking in a candidate, refer to the job requirements as set out in your job description. Be certain that you do not introduce any requirements that are not needed for the role – to do so will indirectly discriminate against some applicants
  • Undertake initial candidate screenings, and involve more than just one person in the shortlisting and interviewing process in order to help minimise any possibility of bias
  • Compare the information contained in the application provided with the job description and personnel specification in order to identify those candidates who have the right credentials for the role
  • Under no circumstances should account be taken of race, sex, age, disability or trade union membership (apart from the genuine exceptions allowed) as this will be construed as discrimination
  • Produce a matrix recording applicants’ qualifications and experience, so you can easily shortlist those who best meet your criteria
  • Use the job description and personnel specifications to inform the questions you need to ask at interview. Ask the applicant open questions to expand on the information in the application, and concentrate on those issues which will influence your decision to offer employment or not.

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